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With The Lake District and The Yorkshire Dales on our doorstep - KDCS offers an exciting selection of cycle rides throughout the local area and beyond. There are social gatherings including slide shows, talks and supper evenings and members are kept up to date with cycling news and issues through this web site, emails and our Facebook pages. KDCS are an affiliated group of Cycling UK.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Cycle of Hope - North West Cancer Research 11th - 14th July 2018

Charlotte Ellwood recently contacted KDCS wondering if anybody would be interested in taking part in The Cycle of Hope, a charity cycle ride from Lancaster to Dublin  11th - 14th July 2018.

She is the Community Fundraiser for North West Cancer Research: "We are holding a cycle event for our 70th birthday celebrations. Would you be interested in me sending over some details of the event for your club members to view? "

The details of the event can be viewed here : Cycle of Hope

Thursday, February 08, 2018


There is now a dedicated Chairman’s news page which can be found on the top bar right hand side.  Please click on the page to see a note outlining the outcomes from our first committee meeting held on the 29.1.18. 

KDCS Ride Sunday 11.2.18 10am Staveley - Wilfs cafe


The weather forecast as of today Thursday for Sunday suggests there will be around 1cm of snow with a temperature of a max 1 degree Celsius.

 I intend travelling to Staveley with a view to starting the ride but I may have to modify the intended route. Please note that the route from Sadgill back over to Kentmere proposed in my original route is only really suitable for mountain bikes or chunkier tyres on road / cross bikes.

 There is of course the option to reverse the out route to avoid that section ( either back over Potter Fell road or passing that turn and taking the loop round to rejoin the back road to Staveley. I also intended to put in the loop right of Barley Bridge passing Littlewood farm and Craggy wood before joining the back road out of Staveley.

 This ride is billed as a winter wonder and it may well live up to the title. Please note there are no refreshment points on this ride so bring your lunch and a drink.

Steve Warner
8th Feb 2018

Monday, November 27, 2017

Message from the Chairman

 Hi all KDCS members

As I start my second term as KDCS Chairman I thought I would just give you some background information on where we are at this time. First of all there have been a few personnel changes that are being phased in:

Chairman - Steve Warner
Membership Secretary - Mike Pezet
Social Secretary - Dave Wills
Rides co-ordinator and mailing list / news - Anne Brooks
MTB rides co-ordinator - Bill Jackson
Finance Manager - Martin Slader
Website manager - Dave Wills
Website access team - Dave Wills, Anne Brooks, Neil Hazlehurst, (Steve Warner, Brian Woodward)

As we look forward to 2018 we will be holding a committee meeting to discuss future direction, publicity, membership, finance and our aims and goals. Providing a wide range of rides will of course be fundamental and a priority. We hope that members will continue to support the club to ensure we are an active cycle group in Kendal for many more years to come. We also welcome any thoughts or suggestions that you might like to put forward. In particular we want members to volunteer to lead more rides this year to avoid too many ‘ meet at Kendal Leisure Centre to be decided on the day’ rides.

The Kendal Cycling Club is a fast developing group but we are not seeking to compete with them as we believe we are a unique club that caters for cyclists of all class and pace. The development of the ‘easy rides ‘ and MTB rides has been an added benefit for members. Joining the club has remained free for many years now to encourage membership. This has been possible because we hold a small residual fund that has allowed us to pay for the website costs and Cycling UK ( previously CTC ) ride leaders insurance etc. Our initial thought is that we will continue to offer free membership and propose generating any finance needs through social initiatives, raffles etc.

 In the early years of the club we were actively involved in developing cycling in the Kendal area, campaigning for cycle paths and even funding bike racks. Whilst we will continue to encourage members to offer opinion and submissions on change proposals from the likes of  Cycling UK, LDNP, SLDC etc. we won’t be appointing anyone to lead on campaigning specifically. Please remember that we run the club through enthusiastic volunteers and without them there would be no KDCS so your support is essential.

 I would also like to thank those who have kept the group going through the years including those that have relinquished their roles. That of course includes all of you who have lead rides over the past year.  Finally I look forward to joining you all at the KDCS Christmas meal.

Steve Warner

Monday, October 30, 2017

Consultation on the Public Right of Way status of four sections of the Old Shap Road

From: Nick Thorne <>

Subject: RE: Consultation on the Public Right of Way status of four sections of the Old Shap Road

Sent: 05 October 2017 12:14

Dear consultee

Potential modification of bridleways 585023, 523003, 523005, 361005, 355001, and 361004 – The Old Shap Road  Parishes of Whitwell & Selside, Fawcett Forest, Shap Rural, and Orton

We have received an application from the Cumbria Trail Riders Fellowship to record sections of the Old Shap Road as ‘Byways Open to All Traffic’.  The four sections of this route affected are shown on the enclosed map.

This application has been sent to us as the authority that looks after the rights of way in the National Park.  We maintain and manage the network, but also look after the definitive map – which shows all the footpaths, bridleways, and byways.  This means that we have to investigate any claims that amendments should be made.

I must stress at this point that this application has not come from the Authority, but from the applicant themselves

The basis behind the application was that the old turnpike road was a public carriage road, which has never actually been closed – merely superseded by the modern A6.  And on the premise of ‘once a highway, always a highway’ that it therefore still remains as a public carriage road – and that it has been incorrectly shown on the definitive map of public rights of way as a public bridleway.

We have carried out various pieces of research, and it does indeed seem as though the old turnpike road still carries public carriage rights.  However, since the advent of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act in 2006, any mechanically propelled vehicular rights (motorbikes, 4x4s) have probably been extinguished – leaving ‘carriage’ to basically mean horse and cart.

It therefore seems as though it is likely that the correct status of the Old Shap Road is a ‘Restricted Byway’ – which means all traffic except that which is mechanically propelled (motor vehicles).

I am hoping to take the matter to our Rights of Way Committee early next year, but before then I would very much appreciate any information or evidence you have as to any of these sections of the Old Shap Road.  Such as, any knowledge of the history of the route, or documents you hold or know about – together with any information as to usage of the route over the last 40-50 years or so – such as whether they have been used by motorbikes, 4x4s, horses, pedal cycles and so on.

The matter will be determined on the evidence, both documentary and user – as to what the public status is.  Issues such as suitability of the route for any particular user, or the desirability of any such use are not matters that we are allowed to take into account.

If you are able to forward any information or your views and responses before the 7th November 2017, it would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Nick Thorne
Countryside Access Adviser
Lake District National Park Authority
Direct 01539 792621

Monday, August 14, 2017

Cycle route, Wildman Street, Kendal

CCC are asking for feedback from local cyclists about their proposals for Wildman Street. 
Attached are the plans and an illustration of the barrier they intend using (plans are very low res, so not easy to read).
 Basically they're proposing reducing the traffic to one lane and widening the footpath on the eastern side to make a shared, unsegregated pedestrian/cycle route.
Please email any comments to Liz Ashburn as soon as possible at

Friday, November 11, 2016

Tempting recipes ......

Have you notice the recipe section, on the right hand side under - More Information ?

Tim has just sent a banana trail cake recipe to join the two flapjack recipes, all sound very tasty and a great way to keep the wheels rolling.

  • Cycling essentials - 
  • multi tool
  • puncture outfit 
  • and Phil's flapjack ? 
  • e-mail any of your favourite recipes suitable for cyclists  to -

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Workshop Tutorials

Wheelbase have three Workshop Tutorials planned, they are geared towards beginners and intermediate cyclists who want to be confident with roadside repairs and basic home maintenance.
Lessons start at 7pm prompt and ends around 9pm. Biscuits and brews provided!

Tuesday 22 November 2016 
  • Wheel fitting and removal
  • Punctures
  • Tyre removal and seating
  • Hubs

Tuesday 29 November 2016
  • Causes of poor braking
  • Trouble shooting
  • Fitting new blocks
  • Setting and adjustment

Tuesday 06 December 2016

  • Causes of poor shifting
  • Degreasing & Trouble shooting
  • Chain wear, Split chain
  • Setting and adjustment

Each lesson costs £15 or all 3 lessons for £40