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With The Lake District and The Yorkshire Dales on our doorstep - KDCS offers an exciting selection of cycle rides throughout the local area and beyond. There are social gatherings including slide shows, talks and supper evenings and members are kept up to date with cycling news and issues through this web site, emails and our Facebook pages. KDCS are an affiliated group of Cycling UK.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Chesters by the River - Talks

Ghyllside Cycles have a couple more talks coming up at Chesters by the River which we thought some KDCS member s may be interested in

These are

Tuesday 26th Feb
Ann Wilson - A Senior Cyclist Tours the World

At the age of 59, Ann decided that there was no time like the present and gave up her job to cycle round the world.

The trip began as an open ended round the World cycle in an Easterly direction and Ann finished having covered 1000miles.

There were several challenges along the way to deal with, but what stood out for Ann was the depth of human kindness she experienced throughout her travels.

Saturday 30th March

The Worlds Longest Climb

Start: Dead Sea 420m below sea level

Finish: Summit Mt Everest

Paulines story will take you from the team’s starting point at the Dead Sea in Jordan, through Syria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Nepal and finally to Everest Base Camp in Tibet. There, they exchanged bikes for crampons and climbed the great mountain itself.

Pauline puts the secret of their success down to ‘lots and lots of laughter, positive attitude and belief in the goal’.

Info for both talks can be found at

All talks include a drink and Pizza Meal in the ticket cost.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Minutes of the KDCS Committee Meeting 23/1/19

Minutes of the KDCS Committee meeting held 23/1/19

Attendees - Steve Warner, Anne Brooks, Martin Slader, Brian Woodward, Dave Wills, Mike Pezet.

As Chairman Steve welcomed all to the meeting and thanked everyone for making it a very successful year for KDCS. He appreciates the amount of work put in to provide members with a great range of regular rides and social events. The Christmas meal was initially oversubscribed demonstrating the support we enjoy from our members and we have had high numbers out on our rides during 2018.

1.   Finance Report and move to a modern on line account

Martin advised that we have £337.18p in our Skipton Account. This account can be accessed at Branch level only and requires any 2 of our 3 named signatories for withdrawals. A recent donation of £10 was made to a non passbook holder and the process to pay it in was a little long winded. Further expected expenditure for 2019 is a small sum of £23.98 to cover the KDCS domain name for the next 2 years plus the Cycling Uk ride leaders insurance of circa £75.  It was agreed that we now need a more modern account that gives an on line facility. Following subsequent enquiries with the Skipton it was confirmed that there is the facility for members to pay monies into the account on line using the BACS method. There is however the need to provide the title KDCS, the branch account number, our account number and sort code. There is no facility for a reference name so members would need to e-mail a named committee member to advise of any payments made. All amounts will appear in the passbook once it is updated. Given that we have such an on line pay in facility there is no need to change our account.

2.    Income generation

Given that we will be left with just over £200 in our account after this years costs it was agreed that we need to generate further capital. All stated that they were not in favour of charging a joining fee or collect annual subs but rather that we seek to raise the money through a voluntary appeal supplemented if necessary by requesting a small top up to next years Christmas meal cost. There was a debate around requesting donations at social events and whilst this is to be considered it was felt we needed the direct appeal as this would go out to all members not just those attending events. The introduction of an on line account would also assist in facilitating such payments.

 3.    Membership awareness

Mike advised that we had around 14 new members last year quite a few being MTB riders. Anne advised we have over 120 members in total. All agreed that we are a unique club that appeals to people not wanting to join the more competing type club such as KCC etc. Mike has an article shortly going into the widely circulated ‘in focus’ magazine and we agreed that there wasn’t a need to formally advertise wider.

4.    Social Events

It was agreed that we should aim for 4 quarterly social events again this year but that we should also seek to introduce talks / slide shows appealing to members who would like share their experiences. A suitable venue at nil / low cost to be sought for this. Some members put on quirky rides last year
including a trip to a pizza venue and an Arnside Fireworks ride. These additional trips just add to the great ride experiences provided for members and it will be left to individual members to decide whether they want to put such events on.

5.     Additional trips

The MTB Group have already met to plan a range of multi day trips but in addition there will be an all comers long weekend trip to North Yorkshire in June this year. Members who wish to organise any additional trips are welcome to do so.

6.      Authorisation of content for the website,Facebook site and e- mails to members and layout of our web pagesFollowing last years changes in data protection we have already advised members that content and communications will be appropriate, relevant and kept to a minimum. The regular monthly newsletter issued by Anne provides relevant and up to date news as well as ride details. It will not include members contact numbers or e- mail addresses unless permission has been given. After discussion we agreed that some posts were more appropriate for the website rather than by e-mail to all members and that we need to ensure we are not contravening data protection principles on content sent to members.

In terms of layout it was noted that our front page (LHS) should be used for details of immediate and at times urgent information. These posts often go out of date quickly although several posts have been removed / archived recently resulting in the top post being quite out of date. Dave to look at layout options that could facilitate sale items / archive / delete options.
The issue of ride reports was raised. Bill Jackson recently produced a good article covering a ride organised in conjunction with a Kirkby Stephen based e- bike business. It was agreed that whilst ride reports are interesting they should be on a voluntary basis only. Dave will look at a location for such
reports whilst reviewing layout options.

Some of the news could have their own dedicated pages with links from the front page. We may perhaps need to write to members if we make changes to offer direction on where to find items include recipes, bike shops, mechanical services etc.

7.     Any other business

There being no other business the meeting was brought to a close.

Steve Warner
Chairman of KDCS

Thursday, February 07, 2019




Meet at Ferry 10.00. Its 31 hilly miles with lunch in Coniston (The Green Housekeeper or Hollands cafes) after 19 miles; going via Cunsey, Graythwaite, Rusland, Oxen Park, Lowick Bridge, East Side of Lake, Coniston, Knipe Fold, Outgate, High Wray, and Lakeshore (on track) back. 

Friday, February 01, 2019


Saturday Ride Feb 2nd.

There is currently a lot of ice on untreated surfaces and with the temperature due to drop again overnight on Friday/Saturday I have decided to CANCEL Saturday's ride, for the sake of safety.  The bulk of the route is on minor roads which are unlikely to have been properly gritted.  Just one patch of ice is enough to take you down and put you out of action for months.  I hope no one is disappointed.  The fells are looking beautiful; go and enjoy the ice and snow on foot!


Saturday, November 10, 2018

Ride Report - MTB Kirkby Stephen November 8th 2018

Hi KDCS riders,

 I keep looking at our web site but always feel that we are short of news on rides that have already taken place. So, here goes, a short ride report of our last Mountain Bike ride from Hartley nr Kirkby Stephen on Nov 8th.

The bike shop van

The ride started from Eden e Motion electric bike shop at Hartley nr Kirkby Stephen.
CA174JA. It was led by Mike Sunderland, KDCS MTB member, and the owner of Eden e Motion, Paul Clow. 14 kdcs riders turned up and then Paul and another friend joined the ride giving us a total of 16 riders. On arrival at the start we were welcomed by  coffee and sausage rolls for a pre ride treat.

Mike and Paul had organised a challenging mountain bike ride but with a generous addition. Paul had made available all the e bikes in his extensive stock for us to try, including three brand new 2019 Scott Genius full suspension bikes value £5000 each. Riders were encouraged to try these but, in addition, three lucky riders got them to use for the whole ride.

The route was Mallerstang, Wild Boar Fell, Pennine Bridleway, Fell End, Tommy Rd and back via Mallerstang valley , Pendragon and Lammerset, about 18 miles.

It was already raining as the ride got underway, the going was wet, muddy and slippery in places. We had only covered a couple of miles when Mike brought the ride to a stop informing us that he was going to treat us to some poetry readings along parts of the ride.

Mike reading poetry

The poems were written by poet Meg Peacock and there is one for each month of the year. They are carved into huge stones along the side of the tracks, and  reflect and celebrate the landscape of the Eden Valley. Even with the rain creeping down our necks these were humorous stops.

The climb up Wild Boar Fell was perhaps the highlight of the ride. It is a steep climb with a fairly rough and slippery surface and water crossing it in several places. The ascent is continuous right up to High Dolphinsty at about 1600 ft. Here we came to a stone wall which give us a little shelter from the strong wind and rain. Great place for lunch.

The ride down to the Mallerstang Valley was steep and slippery with mud covering the trail for much of the way. Then it was back via Pendragon and Lammerset. At Kirkby Stephen we took the disused railway track, now a beautiful walk / cycle way over the fabulous Podgill and Merrigill viaducts back to Hartley.

On arrival back at Eden e Motion Paul had organised a bike wash, then further refreshment, tea, coffee and lots of lovely sandwiches and cakes for us to enjoy
The bike shop at Hartley Fold

Despite the weather, it was a great day. Lots of fun, a challenging ride and huge generosity from our host Paul. Many thanks to our leader of the day Mike, for his unstoppable humour and fun enjoyed by all.

Paul would be pleased to meet any KDCS members who might be interested in buying an e bike. He has an extensive stock from many different manufacturers, and of course, lets you try before you buy.

Paul discussing bike options.

ps. I will tell you about some more rides in the future. Cheers for now. Bill.

Eden e Motion.  Web   Tel 07483 901529.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

47 ROUTES - updated

The routes page has been updated with 3 new rides and all the information and maps you will need to ride them.
Check them out at your leisure from the 47 ROUTES link on the home page or click below.

KDCS route 6e

KDCS route 6f

KDCS route 26c

Thanks to Mark B for the updated information and Andy G for route 26c.

Happy Cycling,
Dave W

Saturday, May 26, 2018


The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on the 25.5.18 and many of you will have been approached by organisations you currently subscribe to advising you of the changes.

KDCS uses very basic information that you have supplied such as name, e-mail, telephone and address so that we have a record of membership numbers and to enable us to communicate with you with details of rides, social events etc. Our aim is to only provide you with useful and relevant information. Our website is password protected and can only be accessed by some key members of the committee.

We do not generally pass on any of your information ( the exception has been basic ride leader details provided to CTC ( now Cycling UK ) for ride leader cycling insurance purposes. You will be aware that when we issue the monthly newsletter and other e-mails we blind copy to ensure that members are not made privy to other members contact details.

We need to have your up to date details to enable us to to continue to update you with the news.

All current members have been sent an e-mail this week advising of the action YOU need to take if you wish to continue receiving information from the club. You were asked to reply YES to the e-mail if you wished to continue receiving the information and that if we did not get your consent we would have to remove your details from our mailing list.

Thank you to those that have responded. Not all have so this is a reminder that you need to take urgent action if you wish to receive our updates. Once your details have been removed you can rejoin KDCS by visiting the website and clicking on the ‘join free ‘ link on the top scroll bar. You will be asked for relevant information and once received you will then be automatically enrolled and receive communications from us.

Steve Warner

Chairman 26.5.18