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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kendal Riverside Leisure Route - proposals drawings

To enable KDCS members to see the Kendal Riverside Route - proposal drawings we have been trying to get them added to the KDCS web site, up to now we have not been able to arrange it.

We are still hoping to get them added to the KDCS web site so have look on Thursday or Friday (28th/29th February).

To get round this problem they can be emailed to you -

email Neil Hazlehurst or Liz Ashburn and ask for the Kendal Riverside Route - proposals drawings, you will be sent all three unless you specify otherwise.

It would be better if you have broadband as the three PDF’s are quite large files.

There are three proposal drawings

PDF - Fig 1 - shows the northern section of the route from Dockray Hall to Stramongate Bridge

PDF - Fig 2 - shows the New Road section in detail

PDF - Fig 3 - shows the Waterside (Kent Place) to Nether Bridge section

You will need Adobe Acrobat installed, most people will have this, it is free download

available here> Adobe Acrobat

KDCS would like your views, what do you think about the proposals?

Please let Liz Ashburn - know what you think by the end of 3rd March -

Monday evening, to allow time to put your comments together for Wednesday, and then submit them for KDCS.

You can also post your comments and views here.

Third Consultation Meeting

Please note the revised date of the consultation meeting below.

Further to the initial consultation, and consultation meeting held in January 2007, a Kendal Riverside Route is being held regarding the proposed pedestrian/cycle leisure route from Nether Bridge to Busher Walk, Kendal,‘The Kendal Riverside Leisure Route’.

This third consultation meeting is being held on Wednesday, 5th March 2008, at 7pm, at County Hall, Busher Walk, Kendal.
The aim of the meeting is to review the scheme which has been developed following the previous consultation meetings and to progress towards finalising the scheme designs. You are invited to attend the meeting, no response is required.

Please contact Richard Smith (richard.n.smith@capita.co.uk; 01228 673063) or Victoria Foster (victoria.foster@capita.co.uk; 01228 673066) if you require any further information.

Kendal’s Riverside Leisure Route-January meeting

The January meeting at The County Hall about the proposals for Kendal’s Riverside Leisure Route was very well attended, it was heartening to see so many cyclists in attendance, especially the large number of KDCS members.

The meeting left both officers and councillors in no doubt as to the strength of feeling expressed by the large number of cyclists - of the importance of not only the Riverside Route, but also the dire state of the surface of the existing Canal Cycle track and the need to improve the surface.

Most of the cyclists present felt strongly that a solution be found to route the Riverside Leisure Route over Gooseholme, which most cyclists seemed to think is far more preferable to both pedestrians and cyclists than the New Road proposal.

KDCS would like your views.

Please let us have your comments - what do you think about the proposals?