With The Lake District and The Yorkshire Dales on our doorstep - KDCS offers an exciting selection of cycle rides throughout the local area and beyond. There are social gatherings including slide shows, talks and supper evenings and members are kept up to date with cycling news and issues through this web site, emails and our Facebook pages. KDCS are an affiliated group of Cycling UK.

Tuesday, February 02, 2021



Attendees Steve Warner, Anne Brookes, Brian Woodward, Dave Wills, Martin Slader, Mike Pezet and Will Beck 


Steve as chairman welcomed all. He advised that following his all members note issued prior to the meeting a number of responses had been received ( circulated to the committee in advance of the meeting ) and these would be referred to during the meeting.  




Martin as treasurer had already circulated the accounts covering the years 2019, 2020 and 2021 year to date prior to the meeting. There were only 2 items of expenditure to report for year 20/21 so far which was the affiliation fee to Cycling UK ( £80 ) and a payment to retain our domain name / website of circa £25. Our current income surplus stands at £630.02p. We therefore remain in a healthy financial position. 




Mike / Anne confirmed that there had only been 5 new members this year which was understandably down from the 14 last year. Dave advised that the system generated JOT form provides an accurate update on new joiners. 




An in depth discussion took place as regards to what potentially could be set up notwithstanding the current restrictions due to the COVID 19 crisis. This took account of some members responses regarding re-establishing group rides, use of an on line booking system, utilisation of the 2 Facebook sites, creation of WhatsApp groups, introduction of a members contact system for the road riders to utilise in organising their own informal group rides etc. as they are able to do in the MTB group who use a members contact list that all have to access to. A key element when considering any rides reintroduction must be the safety of ride leaders and our members. Any new system agreed needs consideration of the extent of any extra work it imposes on ride co- ordinators and should not be over complex nor involve numerous communication exchanges as can happen with WhatsApp groups for example.  


Data protection requirements have to date resulted in no sharing of KDCS members contact information. The MTB members list content including contact details and sharing was agreed independently by members of this subgroup. To introduce other systems will require a more detailed consideration and may also be impacted by restrictions imposed on us by the nature of our web site. It was agreed that a subgroup comprising of Anne, Will and Dave would look further into the ride co-ordinating options. 


AP 1 - Anne, Mike and Will to ‘ meet ‘, set some criteria / parameters, consider the options and feedback to the committee with any recommendations. 


Whatever the outcome it was agreed that members seemed very happy with what was on offer prior to lockdown and whatever systems are put in place the aim / essence of our club is to put on regular social rides varied in nature to suit all levels of cyclist. Even when small group riding is permitted during the pandemic there should be a recognition that not all members and leaders wish to expose themselves to health risks.  




The member responses produced numerous suggestions which included themed zoom meetings, news updates and exchanges, trips, events, virtual rides, recipes, cycling stories etc. Those that have attended the weekly zoom meetings being held to keep everyone in touch felt that they would like to see more members dialling in and some felt they would also like to see MTB group members more actively participating in the wider club activities. Mike Pezet advised that he has experience of break out groups within his work related zoom sessions allowing smaller groups to hold their own mini meetings. It was recognised that large zoom sessions were not easy given that only one person can speak at a time. It was therefore agreed that this could be trialled with a potential experimental date of 2/2/21. Dave / Mike to discuss. 


Dave as Social Secretary would welcome a sub committee to support him with all of this this and we agreed that Dave should write out to the membership to recruit some help. 


AP2 - Dave Wills to write to the membership seeking assistance with the formation of a social activities sub group. 




Whilst all agreed that the MTB group had been successful organising these in the past there had been no enthusiasm from the road rider members to do something similar. Given the current lockdown restrictions no further action is proposed. 




After some discussion it was agreed that members seem to be happy with the existing set up and format. Subject to the subgroup outcome and any subsequent need for on line ride booking amendments no further changes are proposed.  




Steve asked the committee to consider whether there was a need to appoint a media / publicity officer lead and / or a campaigning lead. After discussion it was agreed that there appeared to be no push for us to do so and as such there is no requirement to appoint such leads. Steve also advised that Chris Rowley in his role as a Town Councillor has been invited on to the local Kendal Cycling Infrastructure Group run by the County Council. He has agreed with the council that representatives of KDCS can attend and as a result 2 of our members ( Rod and Catherine ) have agreed to do so. The first meeting is due to be held on the 1/2/21. Steve to discuss further with them to consider what influence we can bring.  


Steve was recently contacted by a reporter from the Gazette to comment on the proposal to introduce a 20mph speed limit in and around Kendal but despite many points being offered the subsequent article omitted almost all of the comments which was extremely frustrating and disappointing. All we can do is to continue to press our case for safe cycling and an effective access provision including decent and well set out cycle paths.  




Given that there have been no offers from KDCS members to volunteer for committee places Steve asked the existing group if they were happy to remain in post. All were unanimous in agreeing to this. There were many positive comments from those members who had responded to Steve’s recent note and it is clear that all members of the committee are appreciated for what they do to support the continuation of our long standing club.  


Current posts are therefore confirmed as: -  


Chairman - Steve Warner 

Rides co-ordinator / news - Anne Brookes 

Treasurer - Martin Slader 

Social Secretary - Dave Wills 

MTB subgroup co-ordinators- Will Beck / Steve Warner 

Road section membership co-ordinators- Mike Pezet, Anne Brookes 

Web access and assistants - Dave Wills, Anne Brookes, Brian Woodward, Neil Hazlehurst, Andy Gillham 

Easy Tuesday rides co-ordinator- Simon Rose 



  1. AOB  


There was no further business to discuss. Steve therefore brought the meeting to a close by thanking all the committee for all they had done and for the support given to him as Chair. Despite this being a very difficult year because of the pandemic our willingness to communicate with our members through the website, by e-mail, Facebook and of course Dave’s very successful weekly zoom sessions has kept the membership both informed and we hope in good spirits with optimism for the future. 


Steve Warner - Chairman KDCS