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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bikes and Beers in Pacific NW of USA - From Lesley
Having recently returned from a holiday in the Pacific NW of USA (Washington State and Oregon), I thought I’d share a few photos which I hope will be of interest to KDCS members …as cyclists and beer drinkers!  Just click here (you should not need a DropBox account).
Our focus was walking in the fabulous Cascade Mountains rather than cycling.  However, the cities of Seattle and Portland are both pretty bike friendly, with bike lanes and facilities to easily transport bikes on buses and trams.
The region is famous for its craft ales, and I don’t think we had a bad pint (or half pint in my case!) all trip.  However, the beer is not cheap ……particularly given the current $ / £ exchange rate.   The cost of a US pint ranged from $5.50 to $8 / $9.  On top of that, a US pint is not a full pint, being 18 fl oz rather than our 20 fl oz.  So best not to think about these things and just enjoy!  McMenamins is a chain of pubs and motels worth checking out if you get to Oregon.  Incidentally, food in supermarkets was also astoundingly expensive.
As for tea shops as you cycle (or drive), these seem to be few and far between except in the big towns and cities.   It was in fact easier to find cannabis cafes on route ……and no we didn’t indulge! 
Lesley H
PS Last photo for amusement - no explanation necessary